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2022 ISSTA Annual Assembly of Members and 8th International Sleep Science and Medicine Expert Forum (iFESS)


5th International Sleep Medicine & Science Forum & ISSTA Assembly of Members 



The 5th International Sleep Medicine & Science Forum & ISSTA Assembly of Members will be held in Prague, Czech Republic the second week of October. The 8th of October, ISSTA will host its activity in Room 220 (original 202 has been changed to 220) of the Prague Convention Center. 


For the brochure and the flyer, please refer to the two documents below. One pdf file will contain the info from the flyer with the agenda for the day, as well as a link to the textbook written by Prof. Dr. med. Rayleigh Chiang President, ISSTA. The other PDF file will display the brochure with the agenda, the time of the speakers, Words from the President, as well as a biography & abstract from each of the speakers indicating their background and the topic of their presentation. 











ISSTA Young Physicians, Young Scientist, and Young Surgeons Programs: 


ISSTA is establishing three specialized programs, Young Physicians Program, Young Scientist Program and Young Surgeons Program. The goal for these programs will be to train and provide resources to develop future talents within the respected fields while introducing the work of ISSTA to prospective future members. The program will be seasonal and include the involvement of senior ISSTA members that will work closely with the admitted applicants. To be qualified, a student/young professional must be a driven, ambitious and collaborative individual who wishes to use their talent through participating in sleep technology research and practical application of their talents in an organizational setting like ISSTA.  

From our perspective, what we can offer participants in these programs is an opportunity to learn unique and valuable lessons by engaging with our members who are extraordinary researchers and medical practitioners with decades of experience. If you are interested in shaping the future of the sleep science and technology field, please consider applying to these programs. For the applicants, please await further info regarding the specific availability of each program offered in various locations by senior ISSTA members around the world.

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